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Focusing on the Details of Your Smile

When you come in for a dental exam, we want to make the experience productive and informative. Our digital technology allows us to help you understand your teeth and how our team can help. 

The 5D iTero digital scan allows us to simulate teeth repositioning and allows Dr. Gohel to walk you through the whole process. We also offer same-day crowns and the Solea laser to help alleviate dental anxiety. 

Contact us to schedule your next dental exam today and explore the digital technology we have to offer.

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Follow Along with Our Team

The 5D iTero digital scanner has changed the way our team approaches dentistry. Through the digital scan, we can do 90% of your exam sitting upright with you to review simulated teeth repositioning and explore your dental needs in detail. 

Our team is always looking to evolve and improve, and our technology allows us to do just that.

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Explore Our Digital Technology

We know you’re curious about your teeth and want to know what we’re getting up to during our dental exams. 

To help keep our patients involved, our clinic puts a spotlight on technology and implements innovative technology throughout our dental services. Our dental technology helps us address your unique dental needs effectively.

Solea Laser

The Solea laser can provide a fast and comfortable treatment that features no cutting or vibration, prioritizing patient comfort during their dental procedure. Solea offers effective solutions for sleep apnea, snoring, chronic throat infections, and other related issues. 

The Solea laser is just another way we can provide innovative solutions for our patient’s dental needs. 

Learn more about the Solea laser.

Glidewell same-day crowns are an excellent solution for restoring your teeth all in one visit. We can perform a permanent crown or bridge restoration in as little as one appointment. The same-day crown procedure is made possible by using advanced CAD/CAM milling equipment and high-quality restorative materials that come together to create a comfortable dental experience and long-lasting results.

We also feature an in-house mill to make your appointment efficient and productive.

Schedule your consultation today and learn if same-day crowns are right for you.

The 5D iTero digital scanner allows you to see your teeth in a way you have never seen before. Along with our team, the digital scanner allows you to have an in-depth view of your mouth structure and teeth, giving Dr. Gohel the ability to diagnose and treat your dental issues more accurately.

With its advanced CAD/CAM equipment, the 5D iTero offers a comfortable patient experience as well as detailed image analysis to produce precise restorations. Its streamlined workflow also helps save time for both our team and our patients.

The Axeos CBCT by Sirona

The Axeos CBCT by Sirona is an advanced 3D imaging tool that allows us to capture detailed images of the teeth and surrounding anatomy. With the Axeos, we can precisely evaluate airways, bone density, and tissue volume in the face, jaw, and neck.

This technology also makes it easier to plan for dental implants and sleep apnea treatment, providing a detailed overview of the patient’s entire mouth structure, allowing for better diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

Always Evolving to Help Our Patients

Our commitment to technology is all about improving and evolving to better serve our patient’s dental needs. Whether we are using the 5D iTero digital scanner to capture all the details of your mouth or fitting you for same-day crowns, our technology is a big part of our practice.

Contact us to schedule your appointment and learn more about your smile today.

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